for my application in php I connect with a postgresql database.
In this database I have made users and groups, where 1 user can be the
member of many groups (n on m relation)
That works, but how do I let php find out if a user is a member of a
certain group?
I tried to get the relation out of the database and that worked, as far as
that I got a list like { group1, group2, group3 } (it's been a while, and I
write this from heart)
A solution (I was not happy with) was making users, and create a special
table with users and a table with groups and create a table that has both
user and group as the primary key, so there was a n on m relation possible.
In the group database I put a username and password (which is why I don't
like the solution) that should log into the database.

The whole reason is that I create buttons, and people who don't have the
rights should not even see the buttons...
Anyone who can help me out?

Michiel Lange

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