I'm trying to connect to an oracle 8 database using php 4.0.6
In my php.ini file I deleted the ";" in front of extension php_oci8.dll.
I've set the format of tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora to the unix format.
In the beginning of my php code I type:
putenv('ORACLE_HOME = c:\oracle\ora81');
putenv('TNS_ADMIN = c:\oracle\ora81\network\admin');
I also used winnt search to make sure that I changed
the format of EVERY version of tnsnames.ora and
sqlnet.ora, I even changed the format of every .ora
file in c:\oracle\ora81\network\admin' to a unix
format, but I still get error 12154.
In the forum on www.php.net I read something about setting user and group to
the same as
oracle's in the apache htppd.conf file, but I don't
seem to have any such setting in httpd.conf. The
apache I use is the one installed by default by oracle
8, so I don't think that is the problem.
If you have any clue, any help would be welcome.

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