no it's working (successed), but nothing was updated.
I tried to make a fake table.

when i tried to make a fake table its working.
i tried to change "ABC" from the table to "XXX"
but if i got data called ABCD , it didnt change to XXXD

why ?

--- "Jason Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> I don;t know why it's still not working.
>> I tried it with smaller table and it works.
>> but when I tried with my real table, it's not working
>When you say it's not working do you mean nothing was updated? Or there was
>an error message? If so what was the error? Have you tried running the same
>query using the mysql client?
>> I use this :
>> UPDATE posts SET post_text='IMG SRC="<IMG
>SRC="/serv2/big/forum/images/smiles' WHERE post_text='<IMG
>> FYI : posts_text = text field (NOT NULL=YES)
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