I have an upload field on a form that is optional for the user. Hence,
they may post an image or not. If not, a default image is assigned. Here
is my logic and the corresponding error:

/*$imgupload is the file field on the form*/
        $imglink=$imgpath.$defaultimg;          //assign the path to image
        copy($imgupload, "project_images/$imgupload_name");     //line 35
        $imglink=$imgpath.$imgupload_name;      // path to directory
        unlink($imgupload);                     // line 37
        printf("Error saving image...");

/* errors
Warning: Unable to open 'none' for reading: No such file or directory in
/home/metonym/public_html/makenewproject.php on line 35

Warning: Unlink failed (No such file or directory) in
/home/metonym/public_html/makenewproject.php on line 37

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