At 2:37 PM -0700 9/18/01, Photocon wrote:
>Heya all...
>I have a listing of last names in a table. I would like to get MySQL 
>to give me a result set of last names that began with a letter so 
>that in PHP I can put them into alpha order. I don't want a set of 
>all names, just those with one letter (the idea being I can then 
>have one letter per page), and I don't want to "select all" from the 
>whole table. Does anyone know how to do this, or am I going about it 
>the wrong way?
>Conrad Hunziker III

What, you mean like:

SELECT last_name FROM tbl_name WHERE LEFT(last_name,1) = 'A'

or something?  If so, you don't need to have PHP put them in order.
Just add ORDER BY last_name to the query.

If you want to know which letters last names begin with in your
table (so that you can, for example, avoid generating a page for 'X'
if no names begin with that letter), do this:

SELECT DISTINCT LEFT(last_name,1) AS letter FROM tbl_name ORDER BY letter


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