Hi all:

As it stands I have a users table with several fields of personal details and a 
single field representing a user's affiliated sports-team. 
I also have a separate table that consists of these sport-teams.

The problem is that I'd like each user to be able to sign up for more than one team, 
i.e.: for multiple teams to be listed in the team field.

However the entire system relies on the fact that users can be identified 
by which sport-teams they are affiliated with and appropriate 
page content is delivered on this basis.

How can I fill the users' team-affiliation field with multiple entries, 
and still be able to map these as individual entities to scripts/SQL queries that 
deliver content 
on the basis of single team affiliation?

I thought about a comma-separated list of sport-teams within the table field, 
but how would I construct the query to display appropriate username/sport-team 

//A possibility?

SELECT affil_team FROM $table_users WHERE usrName='$username' AND 

Would the 'LIKE' clause do the job here?
Does anyone have any ideas over and above my own, on how I may be able to go on with 

Many thanks.

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