I have a web site backup with PHP& MySQL. I write a
script, so a member can log in into the member area.
I build a database for the username, password, and
some other information for the member. I set the
username (which type is varchar) as the primary key.

For the authentication scheme I use :
$link = get_database(); //custom function to connect
to MySQL server and select the database
$query = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '$login'
AND password = PASSWORD('$password')";
if (!($result=mysql_query($query, $link))) {
   die(sprintf("Error: %d %s", mysql_errno($link),
if(!mysql_num_rows($result)) {
        show_login_form("Invalid Login");//custom function to
print out a login form with a message as the function
} else { 
        $guest = mysql_fetch_object($result);


The script is just fine until I notice that the
username is case insensitive. So, if a member has a
username "andy" he can log in using 
"andy", "Andy", "aNdY", "andY", and so on. I also
notice that I can't enter a new member with username
"Andy", "anDY", and so on as they will duplicate the
existing "andy". Is this the natural behaviour of
MySQL or is there anyway to make it case sensitive?
I'm using PHP 4.0.6 & MySQL 3.23.39.
That's all folks! Thanks before.


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