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>G'day folks:
>I have a seemingly simple problem:
>I keep my passwords as simple MySQL hashes in a users' table. The
>rest of the system is reliant on
>this fact (othewise I'd change it quick sharp!)
>I've just constructed a simple username/password retrieval system,
>but don't know how to unhash the
>password if I'm not giving the password to the SQL SELECT statement:


>At the moment this retrieves the password hash. I can't use the
>MySQL password() function because
>I'm not passing a variable for it to operate upon. So how can I
>use php to 'unhash' it??
>What am I missing here?
>Many thanks.

Which MySQL function are you using to create the passwords?

AFAIK none of the hashing/password type functions in MySQL are reversible.
What this means is that instead of sending a user their 'lost' password you
have create a new (random) one for them, email it to them and ask them to
change it pronto.

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