I am in the progress of setting up a script where a user can goto a certain website, 
supply info like a message and their name and instantly page someone on their cell 
phone by using the PHP based web form. The text would then be sent to the cell phone 
reciepents screen as it was typed on the web form.

My problem is this.. I got a script at http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/9816.html 
called PHPmyPagers that supports SMS and ICQ messaging, which of course I would use as 
SMS for what I was working with. Inside the options.inc.php script, it asks for a 
$pagerservice command which they document as "the syntax of the paging service of your 
service provider is" inside the script comments.

So here is my final question.. I have a Nextel cell phone that supports text messaging 
and all that jazz. Does that support SMS? And if It does, what is the server or IP 
address I can use to send messages thru their network. If it doesn't require their 
servers and I can use a current mailserver domain, that would be cool.

If any of you have any suggestions, let me know. It would be great help to me and 
others who have always wondered how to do this sort of thing :)


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