I have just upgraded to the new PostgreSQL 7.1.3 (from 7.0.3) and have been
experiencing a pretty serious problem:
    On one particular page, in what seems to be completely random instances,
I get buffer overruns and either 0-rows or a crashed apache child.  Turning
on PHP's --enable-debug, I receive the following [in httpd error log]:

[Wed Sep 26 06:21:12 2001]  Script:  '/path/to/script.php'
pgsql.c(167) : Block 0x086A6DF8 status:
Beginning:      Overrun (magic=0x00000000, expected=0x7312F8DC)
      End:      Unknown

Sometimes it will actually crash mid-way (probably overwrote some valuable
pgsql.c(167) : Block 0x08684290 status:
Beginning:      Overrun (magic=0x0000111A, expected=0x7312F8DC)
[Wed Sep 26 09:22:46 2001] [notice] child pid 8710 exit signal Segmentation
fault (11)

This problem is of great concern to me and I have been working for days
trying to debug it myself and find other reports, with little success.  The
line it claims to be failing on is PHP's ext/pgsql/pgsql.c on line 167 (by
what this claims) which is the following function [the
efree(PGG(last_notice)) line].

static void
_notice_handler(void *arg, const char *message)

        if (! PGG(ignore_notices)) {
                php_log_err((char *) message);
                if (PGG(last_notice) != NULL) {
                PGG(last_notice) = estrdup(message);

Can anyone provide further input as to why this is causing problems?  The
PHP code works sometimes and not others, and it seems to be only that one
script, so I do not believe it to be a hardware issue.

Any thoughts?  I can provide any further system information if needed.  I
have tried recompiling pgsql, php and apache with different optimizations
[including none at all and debug mode on as i have now] with little change
in the result.

Thanks in advance;

cc: pgp-db-help; pgp-dev

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