At 26.09.2001 19:55, Ricky Theil wrote:
>I have no problem updating integer and float fields when putting them in ''
>if you update an integer with a blank value, it makes the value in the db
>=0. always on unix and mysql, though.

True, there's nothing that forces you to wrap integers into "s under mysql,
and generally that's not a bad idea, it would escape some of the duuuh-mistakes
that happen from time to time....

>$query = "UPDATE dvd.news_categories SET
>newscat_status='$newscat_status' WHERE newscat_id='$newsid'";

What does mysql_error() say, and have you tried the query on the command
line to get and exact pinpoint where the error is?

(okay I admit I haven't even looked at the query as this sounds like a 
stupid mistake
that could be solved by trying a few easy twiddles.)

Andreas D Landmark / noXtension
Real Time, adj.:
         Here and now, as opposed to fake time, which only occurs there
and then.

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