I have connected simultaneously to interbase, mysql, postgresql, oracle,
mssql, microsoft access, foxpro in one script.

You just configure PHP to be compiled with multiple database options.

- John

"Scott Fletcher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi!
>     I found that PHP can be compiled and work with only one database
> software.  You won't be able to have PHP to work with 2 seperate database
> softwares.  (You can compile it but it will work only with one databse
> software, not both, no matter what).  I checked the php "./configure" file
> and found that it is not design to include 2 seperate databases when you
> want it to.
>     Man, it would be very nice to have PHP to work with multiple database
> softwares.  The only way you can have PHP to work with more than 1
> softwares, then you would need to compile PHP & Apache to work with one
> database.  Then re-configure and re-compile PHP & Apache to a seperate
> directory.  That way, you will have 2 apaches and run them together.
> is no other way!
> Thanks,
>  Scott

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