Hi Ya All!  I tried every option and it doesn't seem to work.  So, for now,
I'm going to stick with the iodbc and download the driver to get the iODBC
to work with DB2 as well.  Don't want to spend a lot of time on it right
now.  It's been a few days already.


P.S. Maybe someone can submit the bug to the PHP for me.

"Scott Fletcher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi!
>     I found that PHP can be compiled and work with only one database
> software.  You won't be able to have PHP to work with 2 seperate database
> softwares.  (You can compile it but it will work only with one databse
> software, not both, no matter what).  I checked the php "./configure" file
> and found that it is not design to include 2 seperate databases when you
> want it to.
>     Man, it would be very nice to have PHP to work with multiple database
> softwares.  The only way you can have PHP to work with more than 1
> softwares, then you would need to compile PHP & Apache to work with one
> database.  Then re-configure and re-compile PHP & Apache to a seperate
> directory.  That way, you will have 2 apaches and run them together.
> is no other way!
> Thanks,
>  Scott

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