This was posted on the newsgroup a couple of months ago:

Christian Szardenings wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> thanks a lot for your help. Today we discovered what
> our real problem was:
> After "playing" a little bit with the php-scripts that try
> to connect to the IBM DB2, we set the optional parameter
> Cursortype when calling odbc_pconnect(....).
> And the exciting thing: When we set the cursor type
> to SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC Cursor Type, then
> the whole query speed up from 1 till 10 seconds
> to 0.2 till 0.3 seconds for 100 records. Amazing!!!
> Therfore, PHP is just almost fast as calling the DB2
> from Servlets using JDBC (don't take too much care
> about the speed at whole: the database was on a
> completely other location, so the whole connection
> was made over a slow network connection).
> I hope this helps when other encounter the same
> problem when trying to connect to DB2 from
> PHP.
> Kind regards,
> Christian Szardenings

This posting has caused some discussion amongst some of us who are trying to
use DB2 in Native mode (i.e. using Unified ODBC) as the IBM driver manager
appears not to support this parameter. ( An odbc connect with the specified
parameter returns [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0150E Driver not capable.

Could the author or anyone else who knows, please clarify this posting if
they are using unified odbc or perhaps a third party ODBC driver.



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