I am finished working with the html and css levels and want to take my
design to the next level. I realize that JS is getting outdated and many new
technologies have started popping up. I do want a database driven site. I am
running Windows and have both the 98 and 2000 versions. There's one main
thing i want to accomplish w/ either php or asp:

I want a system where users can join our site by means of filling out a form
and submitting it, which generates the username and password to be placed
into a databse (mayb other info.). Then the next time they visit the site
they can login via the database.

Now i know this is possible with both php and asp, but which is easier. Also
i have a plan of using php and mysql, and learning these by means of this
book: PHP and MySQL Web Development. (ISBN: 0672317842)
Although 1 book may cover both technologies, i am simply looking for
simplicity, which technology will be easier to accomplish this task.

Thanx for all ur help.

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