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> Thursday, October 04, 2001, 1:13:59 PM, you wrote:
> RR> When you define your auto-incrementing column, can't you
> RR> "ZEROFILL"?  I believe it pads to the left with zeroes.
> Hello Raquel,
> Yes, but is it possible to append a code such as 'abc' along with
> zerofill to create an id like 'abc000123' for the 123rd id record.
> /Merle

I don't believe that's a possibility.  However, if I were doing it
myself, I would have two columns ... one that contained the 'abc'
identifier (or whatever) and the second which contained the
auto-incremented ID.  Then when I retrieved the full ID, I would do
it using ...

SELECT concat(first_id,auto_id) AS full_id FROM id_table ORDER BY

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