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> Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 3:13 AM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] Bug in new PHP Version?
> I just downloaded the new 4.06 PHP Version and installed it on a new
> machine.
> My application does not work properly anymore, nor does mysqladmin.
> This are some warnings:
> [snip]
> Does anybody have an idea?

You don't say what version you were upgrading from, but if you jumped
forward a few versions, I believe there was a change in the default
value of the error_reporting configuration option that'd result in the
display of more non-fatal warning messages (things like the unitialized
variable message you posted).

Note that, for the most part, your application should still behave the
way it did before (except for the printing of those messages).  I didn't
see anything in either of the messages you posted that appeared to
indicate a change in functionality...do you have some reason to believe
that things aren't working the same behind the scenes as they did

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