Is ksort() what you're looking for?

"Sorts an array by key, maintaining key to data correlations."


At 05:31 PM 5/10/2001 +0930, John Clarke wrote:
>I would like to sort a 2 dimensional array based on the value of one of the
>keys of each element.
>I have an array returned from a msql query which contains 10
>records/elements and each record 5 fields/keys.
>I would like to sort the records based on the value of a particular field in
>each record.
>Is this possible.? I have looked thru all the array functions but cannot
>seem to find anything that allows me to do this.
>I dont want to write a separate peice of code to compare all of these
>elements and their values and then place them into a new array in the
>correct order if there is a simpler way of achieving it.
>Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
>John Clarke
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