Check your indices are tuned.

Personally, I feel that storing languages srings in arrays, particularly if
you are using a cache like Zend/APC gives better performance.

Bye, John

"Rob)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am just starting out on a project that has to be multi-lingual. i.e.
> every word/sentence I output has to be translated.
> The user logs in, and I read the language they use, by looking at the
> user record.
> I then need to get the language translations from a database.
> I just "select label, text from language where lang = "English";
> Fields: [label],[text],[language]
> Example: "M1002","Please enter the delivery address","English"
> At the moment I download them into a associative array, so I can
> access the text like this.
> txt['M1002']
> where 'M1002' is a label. I have made txt a session variable.
> The trouble is, there are so many text translations (6000+), that it
> takes about 10 seconds to download them all into this array.
> I don't want to access the database every time I need to print out
> some text.
> Question:-
> How can I improve the startup time??  In case it was not obvious from
> the above, I am a newbie at PHP!!

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