the subarrays contain variable data and I tried to express that by showing
the array structure that way

if I access $needed_data[0]

it would be an array of two pieces of data ( both variable)

$needed_data[1] would also be an array of two variable pieces of data, etc

if I loop through them all I can use each "member_id / position  "  pair to
update a database

but I have no way to know how many such pairs there will be, and the actual
values of $member_id

and of $position will be different in each case

I hope that helps, sorry I'm not more skilled at expressing this

> For one, why are you redefining the array 3 times in that script? ...
> I'm trying to follow here... and its not making sense.
> I need to build a multidimensional array from a html form,
> the array  would look like:
> $needed_data = array (
>         array (id = $member_id,
>                 points = $position ),
>         array ( id = $member_id,
>                 points =$position),
>         array (id=$member_id,
>                 points = $position);
> $member_id  will be used to dynamically build the html form,  $position
> will be an integer entered into a text field in that form similar to
> this:
> Fred($member_id=?)   .. [ enter position=? ]
> John)$member_id=?) ......[enter position=?]
> etc
> etc
>                                     [SUBMIT]
> IF ( I can get the data into an array like above) {
> I can make the rest of the script work }

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