This could very well work into an ongoing working relationship, so please
respond if you think you can help!

I'm looking to exchange my extensive website design and graphic skills with
someone with PHP or Cold Fusion skills that can help finish the backend
database for a Real Estate classifieds type of site.    In exchange, I will
provide you with all the design work you need for any of your projects,
above and beyond the value of your time for this project.  And yes, I'm
qualified and worth it (Wow! Does that sound conceded or what!).

I've been designing sites since 1995, unfortunately, I have always handed
off anything that required backend database design to my fellow colleagues.
I am more of a designer, not a programmer. I know a little ColdFusion and
PHP, but just don't have what it takes to do this end of the site. Now, my
two programming gurus are too busy these days to be able to complete the
site. One works in the corporate world now, the other is a full time student
in college this semester, so I'm out of luck. Thus, I will be needing
someone to take their place as it is for my other clients, so this could
work out positively for you! The database has been started in PHP, but now
needs your TLC for placement, etc, but I'm open to starting fresh with
ColdFusion if need be.

This site is a personal endeavor for my husband and I. He is driving me
crazy to get the site done, but I'm so busy designing others websites, that
I just don't have time to learn the programming end of things right now to
do our own site - and do it right. I guess I'm the "infamous Painter, whose
own house needs painting"

What I'm asking is that you help me complete the site using your great
database programming skills, in exchange, I will design what ever you need
me to design for MORE than equal value of your time. This is so dear to me,
trust me when I say,  I will give you MORE than the value of your time, I
will be forever in your debt!!! I will gladly show you my portfolio before
you agree, as I know you will be curious as to my skill level and design
talent, believe me, I'm very careful too, and I'm certain you will be
impressed!  I have extensive experience in Website and Graphics design and
experience in team collaboration. I use UltraDev and so would like to work
with someone who does as well.

I sincerely hope you can help!
Thanks so much,

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