I'm using "PHP and MySQL Web Development" published by SAM's. I believe the
story_submit.php file for the Content Mangement script in Chapter 26 has a
syntax problem. I'm getting errors. I'm very new to MySQL & PHP and would
appreciate some help. The form has a field for uploading an optional .html
file. That's what $html represents. The $story variable is the story ID. If
there is no story ID then it is a new story rather than a story to modified.
Here's the code:


// story_action.php
// add / modify story record

include "include_fns.php";

$conn = db_connect();

$time = time();

if ( ($html) && (dirname($html_type) == "text") ) {
  $fp = fopen($html, "r");
  $story_text = addslashes(fread($fp, filesize($html)));

if ($story) {   // It's an update
  $sql = "update stories
          set headline = '$headline',
              story_text = '$story_text',
              page = '$page',
              modified = $time
          where id = $story";
else {         // It's a new story
  $sql = "insert into stories
            (headline, story_text, page, writer, created, modified)
            ('$headline', '$story_text', '$page', '$auth_user', $time,

$result = mysql_query($sql, $conn);

if (!$result) {
  print "There was a database error when executing <PRE>$sql</PRE>";
  print mysql_error();

if ( ($picture) && ($picture != "none") ) {

  if (!$story)
    $story = mysql_insert_id();

  $type = basename($picture_type);

  switch ($type) {
    case "jpeg":
    case "pjpeg":   $filename = "pictures/$story.jpg";
                    copy ($picture, $filename);
                    $sql = "update stories
                            set picture = '$filename'
                            where id = $story";
                    $result = mysql_query($sql, $conn);
    default:        print "Invalid picture format: $picture_type";

header("Location: $destination");


~Steve Downs

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