MySQL-3.23.44 and MySQL-4.0.0 support foreign keys
through transactional InnoDB type tables.

See http://www.innodb.com for more info.


Innobase Oy

Rita Mikusch wrote in message
>Foreign Keys? No such luck! You need to check the for the child records,
>then delete them if they exist.
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>Subject: Foreign Key in MySQL (was: Newbie Question: Convert SELECT to
>MySQL also does not support FOREIGN keys.  The term "FOREIGN KEY" is
>accepted in the syntax, but it is ignored.
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>MySQL doesn't have a CASCADE option AFAIK; PostgreSQL does.B
>On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Sheila Myers wrote:
>> I haven't done a lot of mySql, but does it have a 'cascade' option when
>> you're creating tables?  This allows you to define a foreign key
>> relationship, so that when you delete your master record, the associated
>> child records are also deleted.
>> Sheila
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