depends on how you are entering data...

if through a client, then you have to format it as MYSQL wants it.

if you're going through PHP (afterall, this is a PHP DB list...  ;-)),
then accept it anyway you wanna, through a form on a web page, then your
script will handle the convertion on how MYSQL wants it...

and yes, the date thing going from PHP to MYSQL and visa versa was a
toughie for me to grasp.  then i read a chapter on a book that made

ax wrote:
> if i unput the values 10/10/2001 into mysql database, would mysql or php
> recognize that as a date??
> i am a bit confused. i inserted few dates in the above format and asked
> mysql to list them by date and it does not seem to work.
> any suggestions?? please :)
> ax

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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