Michael J. Eisner wrote:

>>>i have a loop going through a result set of an odbc-query. each row of
>>>this loop has to be checked if there is an entry in another table. so as the
>>>last odbc-query is the same for each row except they key-field, i tried to
>>>use the odbc_prepare function and a parameter array. but it doesn't work.

If Access supports subqueries, you should consider this approach, e.g.

$sql="SELECT fldCaptain, fldCaptID, fldCaptStat, fldCaptTR, fldCaptDuty,
  fldFO, fldFOID, fldFOStat, fldFOTR, fldFODuty, fld_F_Reserved,
  FROM tblBookings WHERE fldFlight in (select ... from ... where ...)
  AND fldBookDate=#".$EngDatum."#";

with the subquery being essentially your $ergRouten statement.


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