Hey there all,
apologies for being off-topic (had to change my subject because the filter
blocked me!), but I thought someone here may have worked with this before
since authentication and DBs tend to go hand-in-hand.

Here's my situation;
I have a web-based text editor, which requires a user/pass combo to access
it, this is controlled via PHP's very cool $PHP_AUTH_USER/$PHP_AUTH_PW
variables and 401 headers. this section does not allow a user called "admin"
to access it.

That works fine on its own

I also have an admin section for the administrator, where they can configure
users, access levels etc, which allows *only* a user called "admin" with the
right password, again using $PHP_AUTH_USER etc.

This section also works fine on its own.

The problems only appear when you open a browser, access the normal area (as
anyone except admin) then access the admin area, then go back to the normal
area. When you do this, it continually requests a user/pass combo to access
that area, every time you request a new page - it seems to not cache the
user/pass combo in this case...

any suggestions would be nmost, most appreciated!! :)



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