Warning: MySQL: Unable to save result set in <location of script> on
line *** 

I recently upgraded to php 4 from 3. I also upgraded MySQL to 3.23.43 at
the same time and repopulated my database with a .sql file. Everything
works fine but I get this warning message every time I do an UPDATE,
DELETE, or an INSERT. The data still gets updated, deleted or inserted
though. SELECTs work fine without any problems. Pretty much everything
works, I just keep getting warning messages.

I searched the web and found that several people have fixed the problem
in the past by doing myisamchk -r on all the tables. This did not work
for me. 

I also have plenty of diskspace, so I dont think I'm running out of

These scripts were all working perfectly on another server with php 3
and a slightly older version of mysql. Also, if I run the SQL commands
in the commandline they run fine without any warnings.

Any ideas?
- Doug

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