I have some problems with the interface between windows PHP and
informix. the following constellation is on the windows box:

PHP 4.0.6
php_ifx.dll aus PHP 4.0.6 ist installiert
IFX-ClientSDK 2.70 TC1.1

the windows box is used to generate templates for the webserver working
with apache/php and informix IDS2000 (9.21uc4) on solaris.
the guys working on the templates try to use a preview executing a
preview from windows with PHP accessing the content of the
iformix database. It works kind of fine with standard datafields like
varchar, integer etc. if datatypes like lvarchar or even collection
types like set, list etc. appear the preview doesn't work. "ESQL/C :
vorspann : unsupported field type[184]" appears as an 
error message. I suppose PHP needs to be compiled with informix support
on windows. 

is there anybody out there with knowledge about the topic ?

thanks a lot in advance



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