Hi Russ,

It's not clear that you're keeping track of which categories are being checked.

You name them category[$names]  but you refer to them as $category[$i] where $i is a 
number.  How will you know what $category[1] refers to?

Other issues: It's also not clear where the value of $email comes from.  Nor is it 
clear if you're trying to obtain one row in the database with all subscriptions or 
you could have multiple lines for multiple subscriptions.

Try this

while (list($key,$val)= each ($HTTP_POST_VARS[category]) ) {

    $thisname=$key;  // this is the "name" of the checkbox, as in $category[$name]
    $thisval=$val;   // this is the value, which in every case is "yes"

    $sql="INSERT INTO $myanet02($thisname) values ($email)";
    // this will produce a line in the db for each subscription

    // if you want one line for all subscriptions, remvoe the $sql line above and
    // uncomment these lines below
    // to compound the sql and run the query after the while

    // if ($thefields) $thefields .= ", $thisname"; } else { $thefields = "$thisname"; 
    // if($thevalues) $thevalues .= ",'$email' " } else { $thevalues = "'$email'"; }

    $query = mysql_query($sql,$connect) or die(mysql_error());

} // end while

// uncomment following lines for single row entry
// $sql= INSERT INTO $myanet02($thefields) values ($thevalues)";
// echo $sql;
// $query = mysql_query($sql,$connect) or die(mysql_error());

kind regards,

bill hollett

Russ Michell wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> I've been fiddling with this all day, and well - if it was working you wouldn't be 
>reading this right now! ;-)
> My script should take the selections made by users and process them via 
>straightforward MySQL inserts:
> //Get all table column names, dynamically display them as checkboxes. Use to process 
> $fields = mysql_list_fields("$dbName", "myanet_categories", $connect);
> $columns = mysql_num_fields($fields);
> for ($i=0; $i<$columns; $i++) {
>         $names = mysql_field_name($fields, $i) . "\n";
>         $catselect .= "<b>$names </b><input type=\"checkbox\" 
>name=\"category[$names]\" value=\"yes\"><br>\n";
>         }
> //If submit button selected, process those ticked checkbox categories:
> if(isset($submit)) {
>         //loop while categories have been ticked
>         for($i=0;$i<count($category);$i++) {
>                 if($HTTP_POST_VARS["category{$i}"] == 'yes') { //Not sure about this 
>                         $sql = "INSERT INTO $myanet02 
>                         //$query = mysql_query($sql,$connect) or die(mysql_error());
>                         echo $sql;
>                         }
>                 }
>         }
> At the moment not even echoing my $sql works. I know this aint gonna work as it is, 
>because what I really need to know is:
> * How do I insert into only those categories that have been checked? (default is 
>'null' in a VARCHAR(50) field)
> * How do I only declare '$email' a single time as this is the only value being 
> Many thanks:
> Russ
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