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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Informix + PHP any gotcha's to watch out for?
> I've only used MySQL via PHP until now, does anyone know of 
> any gotchas that I should watch out for?
> The web site will hopefully run on Linux using Apache and PHP.

A few things that I've run into so far:

Make sure that your INFORMIXDIR environment variable is set.  Apache
would segfault on my systems when I tried to use any of the informix
functions otherwise.  I added a line to my apachectl script just to be

Ifx_connect() doesn't take quite the same parameters as mysql_connect().
The server you're connecting to is specified via either the
INFORMIXSERVER environment variable or one of the ifx default settings
in your php.ini.  (In either case, it's a pointer to an entry in your
INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts, not a hostname.)  Ifx_connect() also expects
the database name that you're connecting to.

Obviously, in light of the above, there is no ifx_select_db().

Ifx_num_rows() doesn't do the same thing as mysql_num_rows().  It counts
the number of rows that you've viewed from the result set, not the total
number of rows returned.

If you use mysql_fetch_array(), the equivalent Informix function is

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