I have a php web page that query a paradox DB (via odbc) and show me the
information I need. It's running on Windows 2000 server with IIS 5.0 and PHP
4.0.6. Today morning I installed SevicePack 2 and hotfix
q300972_W2k_sp3_x86_br.exe and my php can't access the paradox DB. The error

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][Driver ODBC para Paradox] Não foi possível
abrir PARADOX.NET., SQL state S1000 in SQLConnect in
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\zeus.php on line 2

hhmm... In english: [.snip.] Can't open PARADOX.NET., [.snip.]
There is no PARADOX.NET file in my system.

Does any one have an idea how can I resolve this. I you need more
information please tell me.

Thank you.

Bruno Gimenes Pereti.

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