It´s very easy and to tell you the truth I descovered it by accident:

Lets say you have a variable with the dynamic variable name (ej. $var_name =

if you want to create this variable ($game1) then you can write:
And that´s it.

try it.

"Jmack" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió en el mensaje
> Greetings.  I have been playing around with PHP this week, programming a
> football pool.  I have hit a small snag that I would like some assistance
> with, if anyone knows the answer -- it's probably very simple, but my
> to PHP book does not tell me how to do it.
> I have an HTML form in a PHP page, with several controls on it.  I am
> dynamically generating the names for these controls.  Here is the
example --
> for each game, the user selects the winner in a <SELECT> control.  It's
> up to not care how many games there are for each week, just dynamically
> build the form/controls and name them "pick1", "pick2", etc.
> In my function that handles the form and uploads the user's picks to the
> database (MySQL), I need to also dynamically generate the variable names
> that refer to these controls.  I have them all declared as global
> since I know there will never be more than 15 games in a given week.  But,
> want to iterate through a loop for each game and update the database.  As
> loop through for each game, and try to dynamically generate the vaiable
> names for $pick1, $pick2, etc.  I end up trying to update the DB by
> in the string "$pick1" instead of the value from the form control for
> I have attached the PHP file in question.  The code is not very clean,
> especially the part where I am having problems, but hopefully, someone
> have some time to help me with this problem.  Please respond to this
> newsgroup or directly to me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Thank you.
> Joe Mack

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