Hi there folks, this problem is sincerely 'doing my head in'!
I want to know if there is a simpler method of achieving my aims set out below:

Script aim:

* To alert users subscribed to category's when new files are added to that category.
* A category has the same name as each directory in my projects' filesystem.

Proposed method (this is what I need a hand with)

* Subscribers emails are stored in table 'A' under their associated category. (Each 
column name 
reflects a category name)
* Subscribers are auto-emailed whenever a new file is added to their category
* A script is executed by cron that iterates through all categories at time 'X, once 
every morning.
* The script gets current file numbers per directory and places this data into table 
* Another script, also executed by cron every evening at time 'Y' (after the script 
compares the value of files per directory from table 'B' to the *now* current number 
of files in 
each directory.
* It inserts these values into a another table 'C' and compares the totals in 'B' and 
* If the totals in 'C' are greater than those in 'B' then detect which category's have 
had files 
added and select emails from table 'A' where their subscribed categories = updated 
* mail() these addresses with the message "Directory X has been updated"

Is this too contrived or is there an easier method? I already have various directory 
scripts I got from phpbuilder, but the exact method of performing the above kinda 
eludes me.

Any (constructive) comments more than welcome.

Kind regards:

  "Believe nothing - consider everything"       
  Russ Michell
  Anglia Polytechnic University Webteam
  Room 1C 'The Eastings' East Road, Cambridge
  w: www.apu.ac.uk/webteam


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