Try to avoid system commands whenever you can and instead use PHP functions
when they're available. In this case, you can use the following function

What is the problem you're having with that system command? The most
frequent problems stem from lack of permissions in a directory that you're
trying to manipulate. i.e. You try to add a file to a directory, but it gets
rejected mysteriously - the most likely cause is that the directory is owned
by someone else and you don't have write permissions. The other frequent
problem stems from not defining the path to a command, i.e.
system("mycommand"); instead of system("/usr/bin/mycommand");

Hope this helps if you're having problems.

- Jonathan

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i'm a newbiew php developer. i'm trying to
execute a system command in one of my
php scripts. what i would like to do is to
create a directory. my code goes like this:

// chunk of code starts here
$directory = generate_sessionid();
$command = "mkdir /home/httpd/html/miroku/downloads/$directory";
system($command, $dirsuccess);
// chunk of code ends here

generate_sessionid() is a function that
generates a string that contains 16 random
integers (0-9). i want to use that random string
as the name of the directory that i'm creating.
i checked php3.ini if safe mode is on but it is
set to Off. thanks in advance!




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