// Question 1:
// How to process the confirmation email by clicking the url 
// given in the email
// and by replying the email.

when you send them an email, include some sort of confirmation code

ie http://server/confirm.php?confirmCode=xxx

when they click, it passes this code, and you look it up in the database or
something and match it against an account, which then becomes verified.

you should also have the option of them hitting the same page without that
var defined, and let them enter it themselves, so that if the URL is broken
in their email client they can still enter the code you give to them and get
in ;)

// Question 2:
// I know if using mail(), the "From" field of the mail sent 
// out is always the
// web host server's mail sendout server,
// not from my own email box. How to send out the email which looks like
// sending out from my own email box.

failing that, add a header
$header = "From: " . $your_email;
mail($to, $subject, $message, $header);

// Question 3:
// How to let MYSQL automatically delete the unactivated signups?

maybe a cron job to hit a script? (use either lynx to page or execute the
cgi verison of php)
on that script look for a "date_created" field or something, and if "now
minus date_created greater than tolerance" then delete that entry
then you can set tolerance to be an hour, 2 days, whatever

and probably consider thinking about things a bit more before just shooting
off a question to us to solve your problems 


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