Don't quote me on this but the ./configure command when compiling/re-compiling php 
should be run 
one level up from the dir you wish to make the action occur in. (One above 
so: ./bin/configure with --this with --that

I have cc'd this to the php-db list to make sure this is right (and I'm not even 
convinced myself....anyone??)


On Mon, 29 Oct 2001 15:26:58 -0000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Russ:
> see below for the question I posted and the reply I got. I hope it makes
> some sense.
> My Question was:
> I have a RedHat 7.2 server which I configured using the automatic
> configuration GUI. It is running apache 1.3.20, mysql 3.23.41,and php 4.0.6.
> Apache and php are working fine but I created the phpinof.php page and it is
> missing any reference to mysql. I am real new to linux but someone I know
> who is helping me suggested I need to recompile php to integrate mysql and
> apxs. I searched the forum and a while back found this but I need to know is
> this right and if could some one interpret it for me! 
> "./configure --with-axps --with-mysql" 
> "make" 
> "make install" 
> The response was:
> I don't think you're going to need to recompile. For one, Redhat's
> "automatic configuaration GUI" doesn't use source files.... uses RPM's
> (basically pre-compiled binaries). Thus, you probably don't have the source
> readily available and would need to download it. That's not a big problem
> though:) 
> More to the point, AFAIK, the RPM's are compiled using apxs and the
> --with-mysql option is default (you have to manually specify that you
> *don't* want MySQL support). Your best and easiest bet is to add one or more
> RPM ftp servers into the sources list of the PRM Manager (don't ask me
> how.... I don't use Redhat) and run a search for php-mysql. It'll turn up a
> bunch of hits (probably on the installation cd's as well) for the php-mysql
> rpm, just select it and install it. 
> In answer to your other question, the make options you've given in your post
> are valid and won't cause the make to barf and die (assuming you've got
> MySQL and APXS installed on your box). Personally I find it's useful to
> place the "make clean" command before the ./configure options. It ensures
> you're running a fresh install and not using an old cached config script. 
> -------------------
> Just one more question. Do you understand the './configure' command? does it
> have to be run from a particular directory to be affective? If so how might
> you find out?
> Thanks very much for your help today. It is much appreciated - I'm off to
> amazon now to get the book!
> James.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Russ Michell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: 29 October 2001 15:00
> Subject: that book:
> James:
> The book is called:
> * "Fast and Easy Web Development using PHP"
> * By Julie C Meloni
> Paste this URL into your browser:
> sr_1_15_6/104-6954028-5527930
> and check out also: (support website for the book)
> Good luck!
> Russ
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