PHP and MySQL are not talking to each other. Numerous tutorials available on
the web for getting MySQL, PHP, and Apache to work together... depending on how
you installed PHP and MySQL, the method varies. If PHP is compiled with support
for MySQL, it may be as simple as uncommenting or adding a reference to
"mysql.so" in your php.ini file.
    If you have any major problems, I would recommend vaporizing all of your
installations, and starting from scratch with source - this is what I've done 4+
times now, after at first (unsuccesfully!), trying to use RPMs to configure
things a sane way. I would recommend FreeBSD + Apache + MySQL + PHP or RedHat
7.1 + etc., installing the last three from source. It doesn't take very long...
If you're using RedHat, try starting over with a bare-bones installation, then
add MySQL, Apache (with DSO support), and PHP (with MySQL support), in that


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