Dear Entrepreneur:

Can you honestly say that you're earning the type of income you 
thought you would when you first began your networking career?

Unfortunately, the history of networking says that there's a 95% 
chance you are not earning what you would like to earn.

How many different opportunities have you been involved with?

How many times have you thought, "This is the one"?

If you are one of the 5% of networkers who is earning a good 
income, what about your team?  How many of them are successful? 
Regretfully, you know the answer to that question as well as we 
do....VERY FEW! 

Does it bother you to know that as many as 95% of the people in 
your group won't even recover what they have paid to get involved?


How can so many people who have been successful in other walks 
of life, fail so miserably in networking?

The Answer:
Network marketing for the most part, is based on the theory 
of "Internal Consumption." That is, the VAST majority of the 
company's products are purchased and consumed by distributors, 
NOT real customers!

Let me ask you:
How many supermarkets, department stores, car dealerships, etc., 
do you think would survive if they depended PRIMARILY on 
purchases by their employees of the company's products to keep 
them in business?

As the same rule applies in the real world of business  ... It is the 
same with networking and home-based business.  A 95% failure rate 
makes this clear.

Even networking companies that are truely product and consumer 
driven find many of their distributors failing. Why? Because people 

Unfortunately, for 90% or more of the distributors in any typical 
network marketing company, it DOESN'T MATTER how great 
their products are supposed to be, or how fantastic the comp plan 
is, or how strong the company and management team are...

The VAST MAJORITY of distributors WILL STILL FAIL because 
people simply DO NOT LIKE TO SELL!! You nor I will EVER 
change that part of human nature for the masses.

Is there an answer? 
Yes, there is, but you won't find it in any Network Marketing 
training manual.

Unfortunately, most company owners and their top leaders already 
know that the vast majority won't be successful. Yet, we continue to 
see company after company spring up with more rhetoric, promises, 

Because the ONLY people who are guaranteed to earn any 
significant income if the company lasts, are the owners and their top 
Sorry, but the truth is the truth!

Forget the rhetoric we're now hearing about selling online because, 
once again, in the year 2000, more than 90% of all online businesses 

The sad part is, if we continue to do the same things over and over 
again that have only produced failure in the past, the result will 
always be the same: MORE FAILURE.

While a quality product, good compensation, a strong management 
team, and a financially sound company are all important to the 
success of any company, none of these factors can replace the 
single most important feature that a networking company MUST 
HAVE ... The average person must have a chance of finding 
LONGTERM success. 

Does this mean that networking is bad? Not at all. What it does 
mean is that the way networking has been historically promoted for 
years with the emphasis on "internal product consumption" (where 
the distributors purchase the vast majority of products for 
personsal use) will continue to produce a 95% failure rate.

We have a solution that works for anyone who is willing to work 
steadily, is consistent, and can read and follow a very simple system 
that was designed for beginners.  This system has proven successful 
every time over the years for those who followed it.

If you would like to experience results in your life, email us at 
< [EMAIL PROTECTED]  > with "Information request" in the subject.  
Please include your name, country, and phone number so that we 
can send you the correct information.  We will email you an 
introduction about our company and our entire system at no cost to 

We will not email you ridiculous promises, or UNPROVEN OR 
FAILED THEORIES...Just the facts!

While no one can or should ever guarantee your success in any 
business, here's one thing we do promise you:
The TRUTH and a system that will show you HOW TO DO 

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