I'm having a php/mysql problem using the eval statement.  what I'm done is
created a template that is database driven
ie.  the document is setup so that all of the head, leftside, body, right
and bottom are all text comming from database query returns.

all database returns are valid tested code.  all peices have been tested in
their own pages and shown to work.

inside the text of the returns supposedly can be php code.  using the eval
statment i can get the html code to return no problem(page works correctly).
when the code has php code in it it doesn't seem to work.

using the eval statement I should be able to do something like

eval ("?>$string") and it should evaluate the the code within thus when it
comes to a <?php string it'll evaluate the next bit as php code. (right?)

somehow it doesn't.
here's a small snipit of the code.

// **************************
// Header of Document
// **************************
eval ("?>$top");
<div name="middle">
<table width="780" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="120" bgcolor="<?php echo $leftcolor;?>" border="0">
<div name="leftbar">

the inside code just goes out and grabs a counter value, updates it +1 and
returns the original counter val.

I get nothing(well I get a space, where somehthing is suppose to be
returned).   the code inside works also as independently in a page by itself
it'll return valid counter information and does the update.

I'm about ready to pull my hair out, (good thing my wife keeps it about 1/2
inch long, heh heh).  tie all of my computers together with a big rope and
use them as boat anchors.....  (I don't even have a boat, so I'll just have
to throw them in)

so any help avoiding this costly situation would be appreciated....  thanks
in advance

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