> The mail() entry in the manual does say that it returns a boolean for send
> success/failure, however none of the examples make any use of such
> feedback. Is there a way to work out if something has gone wrong with a
> particular mail out, what the actual failure was, eg SMTP server down, DNS
> lookup failed, slow connection time-out, etc? Indeed what will trigger a
> FALSE return?
> Please advise,
> =dn

>From what I've seen/used of it, the true/false return isnt much use in most 
cases as most causes of failure dont cause the false return as they happen 
after the initial stage :(

a false return can be caused by an immediate failure - i.e. user unknown on a 
local mailbox - but aside from that not a clue, sorry :(

On a slightly OT note, I'm finding the best way to manage the whole process 
is to set up a temp email account and use that as the 'From' and 'Return 
Path' address, then have a PHP script receive mail from that mailbox and scan 
for undeliverables/unsubscribes and remove/disable them in the list as 
appropriate.  Its a lot of work though :(


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