I have this which inserts a stock trade entry:

$sql1 = "INSERT INTO $table_name 
(stock, shares, LorS, type, price1, time1) VALUES
(\"$stock\", \"$shares\", \"$LorS\", \"$type\", \"$price1\", NOW())";

With price1 being the entry price and time1 the date/time of entry. 
Then when I exit the trade it will do this:

$sql1 = "update $table_name set stock = '$stock', 
shares = '$shares', LorS = '$LorS', type = '$type', 
price1 = '$price1', price2 = '$price2', time2 = NOW() where id = '$id'";

However, time1 is being updated to be the same as time2 after 
the exit and I don't want it to be. Am I missing something?
Jeff Oien

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