full-text index that field in MySQL, - then query ordered by weight with
a limit 3. Wonderful stuff.

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        Subject: [PHP-DB] searching for zipcode: where to start?

        I want to create a database search with php/mysql that searches
for zipcodes
        in a database. of course, there will be other columns/tables and
such to be
        printed, but I only want to search for the zipcodes and have the
other cells
        printed if the following criteria are found:
        lets say I search for the zipcode 90232...it would return like
        1. search returns 3 closest matches
        John Doe
        Red Corvette
        Mary Jones
        Silver Camaro
        Peter Gooding
        Blue Honda
        et.... -> the search will generate only "3" returns...either 3
        matches, in this case 90232 or (1, or 2) and the
closest....Basically the
        search will ALWAYS return 3 results, either exact matches or
        matches..any combination......so every entry in the database is
a potential
        match...just the 3 closest
        what is the best way to go about doing this?
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