I have a server that doesn't allow external connections. They say its to
"protect the data for me and my customers" (even though I don't actually
have any). Anyway, I've tried everything, and I'm going to start learning
PHP later this year, but I'm in a hurry here:

I've configured my database with PHPmyAdmin, and I've got UltraDev 4 with
PHAkt. Not forgetting all the other stuff I downloaded, like mySQL MAX 4.0
and OmniCron HTTPd Pro.

I've got a connection set-up with all the correct details by just entering
the connection details in PHAkt connection settings, and I've made the
System DSN. But when I click "test" or try to define a log-in server
behaviour (where it then tries to connect and aquire a list of tables and
fields) It comes up with an "unknown host" message. I contaced my host and
they said its because they don't allow external connections.

So does anyone have a solution?
Or should I just modify a working PHP Log-in page and replace it with my
values and variables?


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