What I do is have an invisible frame that checks the timestamp of the last 
update to the chat against your last refresh timstamp.
If it's superior, I refresh the chat list.
I actually make this check without a call to the database, if you have 100+ 
chatters, check calls to the db can become heavy.
I just have a file that holds the last update tstamp and read this file.
The check page refreshes itself every 20 seconds (plenty enough for a chat I 
realized) and has the last given value of a refresh.

You can see my chat at http://zc8.com, you have to login though.

On Thursday 08 November 2001 01:09 pm, kelvin wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>     I have designed a chat program which used a refresh function to update
> the chat list every 10 second. But How can I perdict the flicker screen, or
> Can anyone tell me how to re-write the program so everytime people send
> message to the chat box, the chat box will not flicker at all.   Oh, Please
> I'm not really good at PHP, so,please give me more details on it. Thanks.
> so much.
> Regards,
> Kelvin.
>                Main window ------index.html     (break down into two frame.
> topframe for chat box, bottonframe for input message)
>                Bottonframe PHP will save the message to file.
>                Topframe PHP will refresh every ten second and retrieve the
> data from the file.

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