I need to build a chunk of code which creates a click through view of all
pictures in a given directory.  The URL for each image is stored in a MySQL
table as part of the image upload routine.  I am thinking there would be PHP
routine that says something like ...

1. (PHP) - For every <product> create an array filled with product image
2. (JavaScript) - Display array value(av) 1 ... assign av2 as href for "next
3. (JavaScript) - In click next, display av2, set href for "next" to av3,
set href for "previous" to av1
4. (JavaScript) - At end of array, reset next to av1 (create loop)

Does that description make sense?  Has anyone already written a similar
beast?  I am in a time crunch, any and all help is appreciated.


Doug Daulton

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