We are creating a content management system for a web site. In this app,I am
filling the contents of an html text area with the contents of a field in an
oracle database. This is our dynamic content for the site.The text area
allows the user to update its contents. For the time being, any characters
oracle considers illegal were to be entered by the client manually in their
ascii form. For instance, ' will be &#039. We thought this would be a short
term solution allowing the browser to see the characters correctly, and the
database to not error on the update.
The content can be saved to the database correctly, but when it is retrieved
there seems to be a conversion going on. I am seeing the character
interpreted as \' causing the next update on this field to fail. It is
strange because when I view the source, the html correctly keeps the &#039,
but when I use it in a php string and send it to the database, it seems to
be making a switch.
I need to keep this consistantly in its ascii representation, except when it
is viewed in a browser.

Thanks, I'm desparate!


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