Assuming you're using text fields, just include paragraph breaks 
normally ("\n\n") within the field entry. If you're outputting with 
HTML, you'll definitely need to replace those with <p> tags, but if 
you're simply e-mailing the contents plain text, or outputting in some 
other fashion, it should be straightforward to keep the the formatting 

Adding a separate table just for the paragraphs seems like more work 
than necessary, but would certainly work as well.

Jelle Ferwerda wrote:

> HI all,
> Just a week or so ago I started testing PHP and MySQL databases. Testing is over. I 
>have figured out the basic controls etc. and it is time for the construction of the 
>database and the PhP scripts to get the site up and running. The general layout of 
>the database and its tables is more or less clear to me, except for one important 
>point, for which I would like some advise..
> How do you generate multiple paragraphs as output, if they do not have specific 
> Say: I am building a database about a sensor, and this page covers like 2 pages of 
>A4 text. Obviously I'd like to make more then one paragraph and add some 
>layout&imagery between paragraphs. How do you put it in a database? (Say: Like this 
>message: The sender is me, the subject is multiple paragraphs, so you should be able 
>to select the message. How do you get the formatting in different paragraphs, since 
>it is not with a specific title, intro paragraph, main text and footer text). Any 
>number of paragraphs and images is possible, so I cannot just create a field for each 
> Do you put all text as one entry in one field, with HTML to format the paragraphs? I 
>think it would work, but it doens't seem like it is THE solution..
> Or should I add a table in which you put the paragraphs, which you select through 
>your main database, and then sort by paragraph number?
> Like:
> Table sensors
> [Sensor][compagny][country]..[sensor_ID]
> Table Contents
> [Sensor_No][Para_No][Content]
> The answer is probably obvious to you, but for a newbie like me... My 
>database-design book is unfortunatey not made for building databases for the web, and 
>do not explain this sort of structures. Unfortunately: SQL queries fail miserably in 
>my brain.. Probably need a mental upgrade here..
> Hope you can help!
> Thanks,
> Jelle.

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