Hi there everyone,

I have had abit of an emergency, I have a website for a client based on ASP and ACCESS 
2000, but the current server is giving us problems so I want to move over to my own 
server.  The problem is my server is a Linux server - is ACCESS 2000 possible?

My server has support for PHP, ASP, MySQL, etc ...... and it says that PHP is able to 
interface with ACCESS - but how to hell do you do that?  I haven't got a clue - could 
anyone please help me as it is dead easy using a DSN-LESS connection on the current 
server, but I don't know where to start here.

My server runs the latest Red Hat Linux Apache system, with ASP (Don't remember which 
version I only know it's not Chilishoft - sorry :-(  Latest PHP, MySQL, FP2000 Ext... 
CGI and so on.

I want to keep it an access DB if possible as i've had problems changing the DB to 

Thank you for your help it's very much appreciated.


Chris Payne

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