The web server user needs to have access to that directory.  On NT, 
there are 2 of these users.  On *nix, there is one.  Giving these users 
access to write to that directory is not a huge risk.

koelwebdesign wrote:

>hi there,
>I've searched the lists and forums for a couple of days now but nope...
>when I upload a file all is well, it get stored in the tmp directory, the
>filename and path get stored in the mysql database, however, it won't copy
>to the desired directory unless I give everyone write permissions to that
>directory. offcourse I don't like this.
>How do I tell php to use my username and password when copying the file from
>the tmp dir to the desired dir?
>Do I really have to make an ftp connection first? or is there a more simple
>How do you upload all those pictures to the webserver?
>Leo Kuiper

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