I have been using the phpdb wrapper on http://phpdb.linuxbox.com
for about a year now, and have used it to great extent. But now as I
have built a new http server for my company I seem to be getting an
error with it and the URL for the wrapper is not resolving so tech help
there won't work and there is no email address for the author listed.

        The error is this 
Warning: Undefined variable: boolDBSelected in
D:\Inetpub\hells_horses\database\phpDB-mysql.lib on line 110

        You can view this in action here  
To view what it should be doing go here
I have put the phpdb.inc and the phpdb-mysql.lib in to a zip file and it
can be downloaded here http://chh.darkness-is.com/files/phpdb.zip below
is the code that I use to use this in a php page.

        $db = new phpDB();
        $db->connect("localhost", "guest", "guest", "CHH");

        The only major changes to how I have the server setup is the
fact I am using PHP 4.0.6 and MySQL 3.23.44 the rest of the server
information is as follows.

2xPII Xeon 450 w/2MB cache
MSI 6135 Revision 1
2x512 ECC Registered Corsair PC100 RAM
2xQuantim 18.9GB SCSI-3 7200 RPM HDD
1x12GB Fujitsu EIDE 7200 RPM HDD
Windows 2000 Server w/SP2 and all the Windows Updates

Clay Culver

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